Saturday, 27 July 2019


We are celebrating J K Rowling's birthday over at Sweet Stampin - I know - how's that for a challenge!  My children were at the right age when Harry Pothead (as he is known in our house lol) came on the scene, so we read the books, watched the films, even had the board game!

What amazed me was how clever she was writing all this for children when a lot of it is part of every day life for Wiccans or witches.  Magic is all around and isn't the Disney type with witches with warts and flying broomsticks and wands.  

So my card is a bit more serious take on the whole idea of Magic using my beloved Cherry Pie Art stamps.  The circular writing with the dragonfly is the Wiccan creed - Every mind the rule of three - three times what you do to others will come back on your threefold - in other words, be kind and harm none.


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