Thursday 28 January 2010


We're up to C on the inchy challenge blog and I forgot to post my inchies on here.

Thanks to Karen Missy K for the prompt.

Here's my C's - as I have three cats I had to do one each for them!

And here are my little darlings - this first one is Megan - she is 11 years old - do you think she's trying to tell me something in this picture?
And these pair are my oldest and youngest - Felix is the black and white and he's 17 and Pepper is the grey and white and he's nearly 1!

Monday 18 January 2010

We're on B on inchy challenge

We're up to B this week on inchy alphabet challenge - here's my B for Beauty

I came down with a rotten cold yesteday so spent most of the day in bed with DH doing a lovely roast beef dinner for us all. Still not feeling 100% today yet and the dogs are looking so forlorn wanting a walk. At least as pup is still so small she can't walk miles yet and the garden is good for burning off her energy - but its not the same as a formal walk. Hopefully I'll be up and about more tomorrow.

Wednesday 13 January 2010


A belated Happy New Year bloggers - I've been in two minds whether to carry on with my blog. I've kind of stopped crafting for a while - I'm no longer a Stampin Up Demo and I think trying to keep up with the demanding world of SU and always thinking of new ideas took the fun out of my crafting. So its all put away for the time being and maybe I'll go back to it.

Inchy challenge blog is continuing though - I don't find little inchies too taxing, but this year its a slightly different theme as we work our way through the alphabet. Yep, you guessed it - this week its A!!! I thought it would also give people the chance to do some in advance and it may give them longer than a week to join in. Hope you would like to join us sometime this year.
In my real life - I've just completed a course on dog behaviour and training and am offering help with all those doggie problems people seem to have. And in order to brush up my skills we brought Tegan in November. She's a baby Welsh Springer Spaniel - up to mischief with my older Welshie Tara. I may even let her have her own blog and document how the training is going.

Here's a picture of both of them - out in the snow. We've had another massive snow fall here in Hampshire today - it still looks pretty but I must admit its wearing a bit thin. Its got me busy baking though with Choccy muffins yesterday and healthy celeriac soup and home-made bread today.

Hope you all stay warm.