Thursday 1 March 2012


If you're Welsh - you'll know what this special day is. If not St David is Wales' patron saint and today, 1st March, is his Feast Day. All over Wales, children will be dressing up going to school, people will wear daffodils or leeks and favourite foods may be eaten. Welsh cakes are a particular favourite and so easy to make. The picture in the calendar is of one of Wales' beautiful beaches - why go abroad?

St David - or Dewi Sant as he is known in Wales - was a 6th C monk who became a bishop. Before he was born his father, a prince of Ceredigion, which is a part of Wales, had a dream in which an angel told him that if he went down to the River Teifi he would discover three treasures that would fortell the life of his unborn son, a stag, a salmon and a swarm of bees. these three are sacred creatures of the Celtic animal kingdom and they bring the gifts of spiritual power, wisdom and sweetness.

Despite his high rank in the Church, David and his monks lived a life of simplicity in West Wales, wearing nothing but animal skins, labouring in the fields cultivating bees and caring for the poor and sick. The last advice he gave his followers before his death was to pay attention to the "little things" in life rather than get caught up in th eillusion of grand gestures. His saying "Gwnewch y pethau bychain" "Do the little things" is a well known phrase in Welsh and has proved a timeless inspiration and a recipe for peace of mind.

Saint David's Day is a day of Welsh national and cultural pride all over the world. The flag of Y Ddraig Goch, the Red Dragon, will be flying high and festivities include singing dancing poetry and wearing of the daffodil or leek. Thanks to Mara Freeman from her book Kindling the Celtic Spirit for the information on St David.

Friday 17 February 2012

Catching up with friends...

I had a great day yesterday with my blogging friend Karen - Missy K. We talked and talked and put each other at ease when we found out we are both going through the same things at this stage in our lives - we're both nearly 50 - note I said NEARLY!!!!

It really helps to talk things through with friends who understand exactly how you're feeling and why. Makes us feel normal! We had a good mooch round the shops in Stockbridge, Hampshire - a very pretty little village - and I found some fabulous wallpaper.

Readers of my blog will know I love hares - and look at this fab paper I found made by two designers based in Wiltshire - affording it may be another matter though - can you see what it is?

Boxing Hares!!! By a company called BarnebyGates. Love it! They had many other lovely papers - and one with robins on which I was also partial to.

Couldn't let my blog pass without putting on a picture of my Welsh Springer Spaniel Tegan which a friend too for me when they looked after her the other day -

Wednesday 1 February 2012


Happy Imbolc to those of you who know what it is - Happy Groundhog day to those of you who call it that and Happy Candlemas day to those who call it that. A spring festival to help us emerge from the depths of winter. Throw those windows open - brrr here in the UK this morning - and let the fresh air in. Get out that broom (!) and sweep away the cobwebs. The original Spring Clean day!

You'll find lots more about Imbolc and some recipes over on my other blog

I'm going to attempt to do some scrapbooking today - wish me luck. I have a printer which won't print and in this digital age I need to get some photos off my computer! grrrr!!!

Thursday 19 January 2012

2012? What happened to 2011?/A new Project

I can't believe I haven't been on here since May 2011. That also means I haven't been doing any crafting since that time either - although I did make some Christmas cards. I have set myself a project which has to be done by March - a scrapbook so hopefully I will be able to get some crafting done and put some up on here.

I had a lovely email from Carolyn asking me to join in with her new Tag blog - I'm going to try and join in and get back into the swing of things - especially when the weather is so miserable at the moment.

On another note though - I will be starting a new blog Festivals and Feasts - its my aim in 2012 t0 write a Pagan cookery book, detailing all the Festivals through the year that are celebrated and putting together some recipes and ideas for celebration. As well as the book I thought I could also blog about how I get on = it may keep me motivated. So if you are interested in eating seasonal food at the right time - no strawberries in December in this cookbook, pop on over and join in.