Monday 22 March 2010


We're up to K on inchy challenge blog this week and my K is for key, through the keyhole to be exact. I think this is a Cherry Pie stamp.

I'm sharing some Ostara Blessings I received yesterday from Wendy from Painting Dreams - if you are not familiar with her work check out her website - she does gorgeous paintings and she also has a book out about a Lunar Hare, as well as calendars and cards.

I finally have some daffodils in flower in the garden - only the small narcissus but very welcome - normally I have loads dotted about the garden by this time of year - let's hope they show their cheery faces in time for Easter.

Monday 15 March 2010


We're up to J already on our alphabet challenge on inchy challenge blog - my J is for Jewel (in the Crown)

Wednesday 10 March 2010


Oops - I didn't come on here and post my H for last week's inchy challenge - so here it is - H for Hat

and here's this week's - the letter I for inchy - can you believe it took me ages to think up an I

I've been surfing round blogland again trying to come up with some inspiration to get me crafting again

I came across Maddy's site and she's offering blog candy - look at Herbert - isn't he so nice - my DD doesn't want chocolate for Easter - he would be just perfect! Hop along and join in and good luck - you'll find her here

And, yes even more posting - I've entered my pup Tegan and one of my old cats Megan into a comp - please if you have the time and the inclination - pop along and vote for them - if you think they're the cutest of course!

Tegan - the pup - is here

Megan - the cat is here

And - wait - there's more:

I'm still doing a bit of crafting for a forum and we're doing a CJ - well I had committed myself to doing it so couldn't let them down - its a stamping CJ and I received the weirdest stamp I've ever had to work with - the stamp is the nun with the gun!

Here's my take on the stamp - the wording is all thanks to DH - obviously been watching too many Clint Eastwood films!