Monday 28 June 2010


... I have my main computer up and running again - although it is a little slower than the laptop its easier to use so no excuses for not posting more.

On Friday I spent a lovely couple of hours with Karen MissyK who I met through my inchy challenge blog - we discovered we live not far from each other and have met up in Winchester for coffee on a few occasions- but on Friday we decided to go a bit further and visit Jane Austen's House and Museum in Chawton. The weather was glorious and it was so nice wandering around the house and the gardens - afterwards we popped over the road for a lovely lunch in a little tea shop which had gorgeous china tea cups hanging from the ceiling. Hmm - where shall we go next?

On to the Inchy challenge blog and we're up to the letter U - mine is a Unicorn - someone asked if he is a goat with a horn - but the stamp comes from a collection of Magical Signs and Symbols which I bought when I lived in Texas. The boxed set also has a book with information on all the signs and for the Unicorn it tells us that, although now dismissed as a fairy tale, in medieval Europe it was widely accepted. Some think it was a misunderstood rhino or narwhal - some think it was hunted into extinction. The unicorn was said to be faster and fiercer than a horse but of a trusting nature. His noble nature and strength caused the unicorn to be adopted as the emblem of British royalty in the 15th Century.

Monday 21 June 2010


We're up to T on the inchy alphabet challenge - my T is for Tower - the Eiffel Tower - I was last in paris 24 years ago when hubby took me for a suprise weekend for our 1st Wedding Anniversary - I can't believe its 25 years this year - where does the time go?

I'm having strange phenomena at home at the moment with all things electrical going bang - my computer went last week - my mobile phone went yesterday- the DAB radio wouldn't tune this morning - makes me wonder just who is coming to visit me.......

Monday 14 June 2010


We're up to letter S on inchy challenge blog already - don't the weeks fly by and this was my inspiration for my letter S for Soar. I used Tim Holtz's stamps for the birds.

We're nearly at the end of our A-Z challenge and I'm wondering whether its worth carrying on. We have 138 followers but only a handful of regular loyal players who join in. Maybe its time to call it a day.

The challenge over at TMTA this week is groups - what a fun challenge - I can't remember doing anything like this one before. I ummed and aahhd (?) over what to do as I do have a Tim Holtz stamp with a great group on it but thought everyone may use it so I found something slightly different in my stash. Maybe they are discussing crafting over their coffee! What do you think?

Tuesday 8 June 2010


the challenge over at Wednesday Stamper has been running for two weeks and a new one starts tomorrow - so I just managed to scrape in here. How could I not join in when it was asking for squares - and doing inchy challenge blog means I'm surrounded by squares - here I've put some together and made a tag.

If you enjoyed doing squares you might like to join in with inchy challenge blog's summer swap - details on the blog here

Monday 7 June 2010


Up to R on the inchy challenge blog and my R is for Romance.
I'm also running an inchy swap titled ON THE BEACH if you'd like to join in - pop along to the inchy challenge blog here

Saturday 5 June 2010

TMTA and other stuff

We're on Q on inchy challenge blog this week - but I can't show you mine as my computer has died on me. I'm having to use a spare laptop which doesn't have the picture on it. But as I had a few minutes to spare and I've actually tidied my craft desk and thrown a lot of rubbish away - I thought I'd have a play. You know what its like when your desk is all tidy and you can actually see some space??????

So I joined in with TMTA this week which is asking for fairies or princesses - mine are done with all Cherry Pie Art Stamps.
Oops - it might have needed cropping!