Monday 28 February 2011


It was a real rugby weekend in our house this weekend -I'm happy to say that Wales won their match -phew! We had a variety of weather over the weekend - from sun to hailstones! What is that all about?

I was delighted to win a runner's up prize in OWOH from Lisa at I received a lovely Postcard of the original print that she offered - lucky person who won the original - I'm going to put this in a frame and put it on the wall in my craft room. Karen Missy K mentioned to me that she is going to decorate a wall with magnetic wall paint - now that sounds cool - no more sticking things on walls - I wonder if hubby is up to doing a bit of decorating! Isn't this image gorgeous - check out Lisa's other work at her blog above.

Sunday Postcard Art this week has the theme of double take - I have a great Feline Cherry Pie stamp that is just right for this challenge - I kept with the catty theme with a cat post stamp and a postcard stamp from Tim Holtz.

Take a Word this Monday is the word EXOTIC - I bought this paper at the weekend as wrapping paper and was lucky enough to have a little bit left. Its got such a gorgeous texture and such vivid colours I knew the scraps would come in handy for crafting.

Thursday 24 February 2011


Well my desk has gone from being very empty yesterday to back to normal today - you can see a picture under WOYWW post.

The challenge over at Three Muses is Time - this got me thinking about the song Turn Turn Turn - apparently adapted from the Book of Eccliastes - the words "to everything there is a season" made me think of TIME

First is Spring - the background is masked with Tim Holtz masks that looks like a clock, the image is a CP stamp.

Then comes Summer: some CP stamps and others which I can't remember oops

Then Autumn: a mix of Tim Holtz, Stampin Up and Cherry Pie Stamps and some flourishes:

And finally Winter: Once again the Tim Holtz Mask and some CP stamps and Stampin Up.

I'm also putting this in for the challenge over at Theme Thursday which is flourishes.

Wednesday 23 February 2011


Oh no - look what's on my workdesk today - nada, zilch, rien, niet, ddim, nichts ....... get the picture? Absolutely nothing - anyone got any brilliant ideas what I can do next????? lol! I had to tidy the desk as hubby wanted to get to the computer - its an old one that he uses just for his itunes and he couldn't find anywhere to place the mouse - so to keep him happy I tidied it and it never got untidied! For more inspiring desks check out the other girls at WOYWW.

Do you know what I think I need - some new craft items to play with - its been well over a year since I bought any new stuff, stamps or papers or inks - do you think I'm overdue?

Oh, but look what I have in my drawers, so to speak? This is Pepper - trying to get in on the act, he found his way into my papers drawer.


There - that's much better!

Tuesday 22 February 2011


Triptych - what a great word - it doesnt really flow off the tongue though does it and it is darned tricky to write! The challenge over at Alter It Monthly is Shrines, Altars etc and I'm hoping my triptych can fit into this category. What do you know I've used Cherry Pie Art stamps again!

A right Royal challenge over at Gingersnap Creations where they have asked you to use a king or queen or both. My Queen is the Queen of Wands - a tarot card. A little about the Queen in case you don't know - she represents the heart of the home, welcoming, nurturing and warming. Here she is depicted with her familiar, her cat and a sunflower, representing warmth. The Queen is friendly and warm, but can be forthright and even bossy. What you see is what you get - she is open and straightforward and can be a loyal friend for life. She can be passionate, impulsive, quick tempered though she does not hold a grudge. She is imaginative and creative with many talents.

Monday 21 February 2011


The challenge at Gingersnap Creations this week was right up my street - they asked for Crowns and I turned my image into a Drama Queen! I'm never happier than when I'm on a stage - warbling away! lol!

I'm not sure where this stamp came from but its such a great image, although I don't think my scanner has done it justice.


ALTERED CHEESE BOX and other things....

I promised to post a picture of my altered cheese box which I made at Karen's last week. The before picture is on my WOYWW post - I used a Tunworth cheese box which I just happened to have around and thought it could have another life other than being put in the recycle bin.

I used some of the gorgeous backing papers I received from the altered paper swap, again, and an inchy (not one of mine but it had no name on it) - the bird in the center came from that book I'm using. I've also used a page on the inside and stamped it with a Stampin Up stamp.

I'm now using the box to store some of my inchies in. I'm going to enter this into a challenge blog I found today - which actually asks for anything but a card the Cheerful Stamp Pad

The challenge over at Sunday Postcard Art is Faces- I love this theme and have so many stamps with faces on I was spoilt for choice - like the sample on the blog I wanted to use them all but settled instead for one of my faves - guess what yes a Cherry Pie Art stamp - do you think I need to branch out on my make of stamps a bit??? Once again I've used some of that altered paper - I'm going to be stuck when its all gone! The colours in this were a real challenge for me, right outside my comfort zone as I don't usually play with blues or oranges. I'm more an earth colour sort of gal. Do you see that bit of string at the bottom - well I'm being very environmentally conscious as that was the wrapping round my Abel & Cole veggie box this morning - I knew if I kept it it would come in handy for crafting.

Oh and p.s.

To Whom It May Concern

Miss Dunnit is officially allowed out for a 2 hour coffee break at her convenience - it is imperative that she continues to socialise for the good of her health.

Yours faithfully

A N Other Blogger

There you go Julia - hope this helps lol!



Sunday 20 February 2011


I was so thrilled to receive the Stylish Blogger Award from Elizabeth - I feel as though I've been out of the crafting loop for a bit and its such a boost to know that someone actually likes what I do.

Its still very cold outside but look..........spring must be on its way .......all they need is a bit of sun to encourage them a bit further ........

and I just spotted the hellebores nestling amongst the greenery trying to be all spring like

and here's a spring chicken of a different kind - lol - hubby rarely makes it on to my blog but today he was out sprucing up his pride and joy ready for 1st April. This also happens to be his birthday - and the big 50 this year - and this car was his 21st birthday present - yes we've had it all these years - for a long time I was an MG widow! lol! Its all original and only comes out in summer - but last year it didn't get an airing so is long overdue.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. We're off to take the dogs out for a nice long walk - although my oldest one Tara is not happy about walking at the moment. Then we may pop into our village pub just to warm up by the fire before coming back for Sunday roast - isn't that what Sundays should be about?

Friday 18 February 2011

One day I'll Fly Away....

Do you remember that song by Randy Crawford - it was one of my favourites. Stay with me - it all becomes clear! lol!

The theme over at Wednesday Stamper this week is transportation - mine would be flight of the non jet engine type so the Randy Crawford song gave me the inspiration for my theme - see told you I'd get there.

My scanner isn't working and the photograph doesn't show up quite as well. I've used a background paper from the altered background swap, again, the moth is from that book I tore into yesterday (!) and the stamps are Cherry Pie.

I'm also submitting this for Tuesday Taggers which this week is SKY

The theme over at One Powerful Hour is Child's Play - I remembered having this image at the bottom of my box of stash somewhere and thought it fit the theme - they could even be thinking of playing the piano - once again i've torn into that book - its actually quite therapeutic.

I had a friend come round today - she was actually the one who got me into scrapbooking years ago - and I was showing her a few things and her reply was "what's the point?" hmmm - she started doing ATC's a while back and couldn't think why on earth she was doing them and stopped. What is the point? I have no idea - I don't do much with them - they sit in a box but for the few hours that I sit and create my mind is still, I'm relaxed and its cheaper than therapy! What are your thoughts on What's the Point?

Thursday 17 February 2011


Today is the day to announce the winners of my OWOH giveaway -

What a fabulous few weeks its been - phew did you manage to get round to all the bloggers? I must admit I didn't - I did as many as I could - its surprising how much time it actually takes. Lisa - you must be stuck to your computer doing all that work - but thank you so much for all your efforts - I've met lots of wonderful crafters and artists - have followed some - have had some follow me for which I am always grateful - I've received some lovely comments, met some new friends and even bought a birthday present!

So without further ado - the winner of the inchy art is:


the winner of the Home Plaque is

JUDE of Crafts International blog

please email me at to let me have your addresses


VISSI D'ARTE VISSI D'AMORE - I lived for my art, I lived for love. The words spoken by Tosca when she is fighting for the love of her life. This aria is one I love to sing, maybe one day I'll get to sing the whole opera. My favourite Tosca of all time is Maria Callas - I just love her singing - I love the expression in her voice and I can even forgive her the odd bum note as she is telling me the story and I can feel her pain, passion, emotion.

The theme over at Footprints Studio is LOVE - at all its levels.

The theme over at TMTA this week is musical clefs (clefs being the French and possibly Latin for key) so this was an obvious choice.

My background papers were from an altered paper swap I did with UK Stampers, I added the piece of sheet music and stamped over it with Cherry Pie Art Stamps. Looks like my lady has really fat cheeks doesn't it? Oh well - they always say it isn't over until the fat lady sings! lol!
I had a great day's crafting with my friend Karen, Missy K, today - I actually covered my cheese box and Karen helped me over the hurdle of actually ripping into that book I had bought. I think I'm now over the guilt, although I decided I could never actually rip any books I own - they would have to be bought especially for altering. I also altered a few old revision cards Karen had given me - using the papers from the book and some more of the fabulous papers I received from the altered paper swap.
I'll pop a picture of the altered cheese box on tomorrow.
Must go and get the dinner ready now.....


Hi blog hoppers thank for you for stopping off at my blog

and Welcome to

One World One Heart,

a blog phenomenon started by Lisa and now in its fifth and final year.

A big thank you to Lisa for hosting this event over the years - and for bringing the crafting community all together!

Just click on the logo above to be taken to Lisa's blog and find out all about the event.

I'm offering two prizes for you this year

First prize is a piece of

Inchy Art.
For two years I ran inchybyinch challenge blog and only gave up just before Christmas. Not that I don't love little inchies but running a challenge blog can be very time consuming.

My piece is a set of A-Z inchies - mounted on a decorated board and ready for you to hang on a wall.

The whole piece is A4 size.

My second prize is a Home Plaque

For a chance to win these pieces, wherever you are in the world, just leave me a comment with your contact details.

When OWOH finishes on 17th February I will choose the winners.
Keep checking back cause I may add more goodies.

To find all the other blogs who are joining in click here

Thanks for dropping by and good luck.

Wednesday 16 February 2011


Wednesday again and a chance to pop over to WOYWW My first picture is of my desk this morning - what a mess - how can I possibly do anything amongst all that lot call it shame or motivation but I decided to tidy it all up - it really didn't take that long - I even threw away some scraps, shock horror. When I first started crafting my mentor told me to keep any little scrap of paper as it could come in handy - and I did and I have and now I'm overflowing with tiny bits of paper I'll never use - so last week I had a good sort out of my scraps draw and threw the lot in the recycling bin - and I'm being firm with myself not to get suffocated by lots of little bits of paper - just in case..

So with that lot all tidied away - I actually found an old cheese box that I thought I might alter - perhaps I can store some of my many inchies in it - I've also got that book I found in the charity shop last week - its still in one piece - I haven't yet plucked up the courage to tear it apart but today could be the day - there are some lovely pictures of flowers in it so I think I'll use them as the inspiration for my box.

Tomorrow I'm off for a crafting day with my blogging friend Karen Missy K who I met through my inchy blog - I could bring this along and get some of her wonderful input.

Off to check out some more desks - the girls who do WOYWW are such fun and so many of them come and visit and leave comments - its so nice when people do that!

The Three Muses challenge this week is HOT. The film Some Like It Hot with Marilyn Monroe came to mind - the image of Marilyn here is from a stamp from Cherry Pie Art Stamps. I have a lot of Marina's stamps - I so love her images.

Only one more day for OWOH so gets your comments in quick - I'll be choosing the winners tomorrow!


Monday 14 February 2011

Every Inchy Monday has the theme of fishy inchies this week - funny how I still find myself drawn to making them even after my own challenge blog has finished! There's less pressure though when someone else is doing the work - here's my sort of fishy inchy - my Queen of the Sea.

Sunday 13 February 2011


The theme over at Sunday Postcard Art this week is hearts - I found a lovely quote on line and wanted to use it in my very busy postcard. Jon is my hubby of 25 years - just in case you didn't know! This year we will be spending our 29th Valentines day together - not bad eh!
I'm also going to put it in for Theme Thursdays challenge this week which is words and the Three Muses which is Quotations.

Friday 11 February 2011


Gulp - another challenge - one layer - how difficult is this when you can only use two stamps and no embellishments - I eventually went with a Stampin Up bird and some Tim Holtz birds - tricky! You'll find the challenge here if you want to join in

WOYWW/Tuesday Taggers/Friday

How can it be Friday already - I missed the WOYWW doh! Here it is better late than never.

Last weekend I visited Tetbury with a friend and we spent a lovely morning browsing through the antique shops. My friend had previously bought herself an old printing block so I was looking out for one also and managed to find this one.

This is what it printed out like - it needed full on ink to get an impression - its very cleverly made as there is a notch in the one end so you can interlink the images - here's the work in progress at the moment.

I found a new challenge blog on my travels called Less is More - you can find it here

They've asked to keep things simple and to use the colours Black White and Pink. I had to make a sympathy card today so I think this fits the bill perfectly.

I promised to do a tag with hearts and flowers for the Tuesday Taggers - and here it is. I'm also including it in the Craft Challenge here and the Shabby Tea Rooms here and Rainbow Lady's challenge here

I used flower soft on the edges of the flower - looks a bit like broken egg shell!

My flower was inspired by a gorgeous gift I received from a blogger I found via OWOH. Cameron has a wonderful blog paintmyselfpretty and I found her on my travels - wandered into her shop and saw the most gorgeous canvas painting of a unicorn for my daughter's birthday - I'm safe writing about it on here cause she never reads my blog! I received the painting yesterday from Cameron along with these lovely goodies - her flower inspired mine for the tag.