Tuesday 15 March 2011


Another nice sunny day here in Hampshire after a misty morning - I actually got out in the garden and did some pruning and tidying yesterday- there is so much to do in my garden that it can be a bit daunting even starting but I was on a bit of a roll. Then I had to sit and have a cuppa and a read!!

This week's challenge over at TMTA is Feel Like a Queen. I have chosen to do Mozart's Queen of the Night from the Magic Flute - A role I sang 3 years ago. Never again.....not my favourite role in Opera. The image is taken from a card I received from Welsh National Opera advertising their forthcoming season and I kept it hoping it would come in handy for some crafting. As the colours are so rich and jewel like I'm also entering it in the Gingersnap Creations where one of the challenges is Jewel Colours plus gold.

The challenge over at Less is more is one layer off the page. I got a bit confused with the rules here cuase I thought they always had to be one layer - but this week's definitely is one layer - lots of white space and off the page. I find I have to be so strict with myself not to go adding more and more - its really difficult. I found this great stamp set by Stampin Up at the back of my cupboard and thought it would suit the off the page rule quite well. White cards don't show up well on my scanner - its hard to see where it all starts and finishes. Any hints on how to scan it properly would be very welcome.


Mandi said...

Hi Fiona
In answer to your question over on Less is More
Last week wasn't one layer week that's why we had layers
if you look on our sidebar we have a different genre each week
But always CAS [clean & simple]

"Less is More"

Di said...

Hi Fiona - yup, it sure is sunny here in Hampshire today! Yay!!! Di x

Tara Cardwell said...

Hi - how funny that we both did horses side by side! I find scanning difficult in any colour so opt to photograph my cards instead but they never come out as well as they look in real life.

Chrissie said...

Hi Fiona,
I'm glad you've got the rules sorted out now Fiona.
I always photograph mainly white cards against a dark background... it does help to see where the card ends and the background begins!
This is a good subject for an off the edge card, personally I would have stamped the image square to the card, but others may disagree.
Great to have you join our challenge, we hope to see you next time!
"Less is More"

Mandi said...

Super horses, ~I love to see them running free, specially along a beach
Glad you found us and we cleared up the rules mystery for you
See you again, I hope
"Less is More"

Susan said...

Hi Fiona! Love that horse stamp...and it's perfect for this challenge. I probably wouldn't have stamped the sentiment at an angle.

I normally photograph my cards. Maybe I could do a tutorial on my blog for that. Anyway, when you scan, try putting a piece of black paper behind the card, then when you crop it down, leave a black border so that the edges are clear. Not sure if I'm making sense or not...but hope that helps.


Caterina Giglio said...

nice piece! thanks for stopping by my blog, Bell'Antico, so nice to meet new friends, I will have to come by and visit often!!!

Joan said...

Love your horses. Lucky you, we have fog and its very cold here in Yorkshire.

Maureen said...

love those horses, they are really moving!!

Kathyk said...

Fab card


Anonymous said...

Love your regal queen! Wonderfully done! Thanks for playing the Gingersnap Creations Jewel Challenge!

Anonymous said...

Fab card!

Ali x

Anonymous said...

fabulous work Fiona, love how you did this one. Its been a miserable day here in the north east today :(

Gerri Herbst said...

I'm a new follower now! Just adore your work. I gave you a little award on my blog today. Please come see it, because you deserve it.
Take care, Gerri

K J D said...

Fiona I love how you used the WNO card!

I think I'll check out 'Less is More' it kind of appeals to me... I like 'clean and simple'..... especially with a house move looming!


Cameron said...

I'm in awe, Fiona...all these challenges you enter...and with such flair!

Wonderful posts and art :)

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Your queen of nights looks really fab.