Monday 14 March 2011


Magical really because the sun is still shining here in Hampshire - it was a glorious weekend - hubby and son went to Cardiff to the Rugby to watch Wales Win - contraversial but still a win - I lazed about at the Celtic Manor - a hotel dear to our hearts as its where we were married 25 years ago.
On Sunday we took our son for a trip down Memory Lane paying a visit to the Welsh Folk Museum at St Fagan's - if you've never been its well worth a trip - when my children were small and we lived just a few miles away from the Museum I used to have a season ticket and we spent many a day there having a picnic. There are over 40 original buildings from across Wales re-erected in 100 acres, from a Celtic Village, to a church, from shops to a toll house. This picture of 6 terrace houses were taken from near Merthyr Tydfil and each house is decorated in a different period - ranging from 1805 up to 1985. The difference as you visit each house is quite humbling - and it shows you how much "stuff" we fill our homes with today.

From there we moved on to the Roman Baths and Museum at Caerleon - Chris is studying Classical History at A level and wants to specialise in Roman Warfare - what he will do with it I have no idea but its where his heart lies. Caerleon was known as the Roman Fortress of Isca and there are the remains of the baths and an amphitheatre which could seat the whole legion, up to 6,000 spectators. Much of the remains are now buried under the houses which are built here but there is still lots to see.

On to some crafting - the challenge over at Wednesday stamper last week was to use a letter in your art work and at least one rubber stamp - I'm still on my mission to cover cheese boxes - and am thinking of doing a range of Capital Cities - so with this in mind my next box represented Paris. The rubber stamp by Cherry Pie Art Stamps - I should have shares! - is a painting by Leonardo entitled La Belle Ferronierre house in the Louvre - I decided Mona gets too much of an airing sometimes. She is supposed to be the wife or daughter of an Ironmonger (Ferroniere) and is reputed to be the mistress to Francois I - see, art and a history lesson! There is also a Tim Holtz stamp of the Eiffel Tower and the letter is a stamp by Stampin Up. The inchy is one I received in a swap - I loved its colours.

I hope the sun is shining for you where ever you are.


Sammie said...

No sunshine here -very, very grey and unfriendly rain yesterday. Still grey today. May I ask -is there a reason you are altering cheese boxes? (other than fun of course!) You have some beautiful stamps and you've used them to great effect again here.. I bought some the other day because I thought they were the sort of thing that you would use and that might inspire me! But have I opened the packet yet??????? Kick me up the backside -please! xxx

Dreaming of Vintage said...

Hi Fiona! Pretty pictures! I LOVE Roman history. I watch as much of it as I can on t.v. Your rubber stamp creation is lovely. You've inspired me to drag out the rubber stamps that I never use. Have a great week!

~*~Patty S said...

What a beautiful area you live in Fiona!
Love your Paris cheese box...lovely details!

Norunn said...

Fiona :) Thank you for your visit in my blog, and thank you for your wonderful blog!

Love your letter P, and a really great connection to the Paris theme :)

Wish you at nice week!

K J D said...

Hi Fiona

That does sound like a wonderful weekend.... and another great cheesebox too!

I agree about the magical weather here in Hampshire today and when I have finished my cup of tea I am going out to give the grass its first cut of the year :)in the beautiful sunshine and lift my face to the sun!!!!!

Hope you have a great week.


Joanna said...

Lovely interesting post, Fiona.

I'm really loving your cheese box collection, keep 'em coming!

Fiona, I'm having a little Giveaway to celebrate my first year's blogging if you wanna pop over and have a look........


Hermine said...

Its gorgeous!

Sue West said...

Hi Fiona, thanks so much for visiting my blog, I'm so glad you did, because now I've found your lovely artwork.
Loved the visit to St Fagans, my husband grew up in the village, where his dad was the village bobby. His mum still lives in a cottage backing onto the museum grounds so I visit often, it's such a wonderful place.
Going to be another lovely day, Westbury White Horse is just revealing itself through the mist.
Sue :)