Thursday 3 March 2011


I was lucky enough to win a prize from OWOH - Kay from Toodles and Binks sent out some runner up prizes and look what I received today- just when I've been saying I have no new things to play with. Thanks so much Kay - couldn't have come at a better time and I love the images and the little cupcake charm.

Thank you - two little words - don't take up a lot of time to write - never heard whether my OWOH recipients received theirs.


Susanne said...

Well look there, you've got new stash too, and it even says "time to play". Enjoy! You'll probably start getting thank yous now that you've ranted a little. It always seems I get a thank you card a day or two after I worry about gifts I sent in the mail.

Minxy said...

I see you were lucky too.. isn't Kay a doll, those stamps are adorable.
Not blogged my thanks yet but i will, i always like to thank people though it's not always in card form, but somehow i will always show my thanks.

Tertia said...

People really don't say thank you any more do they? Its such a basic thing and yet seems to have been forgotten. Those 'new' stamps look very interesting.

Sammie said...

Lucky you -you deserve them. Have fun! I'm still giggling over your imagination coming up with that Bohemian Rhapsody look alike. Blooming Brilliant, young lady!
I also love the Carmen resplendent with feather.
Well, I am listening to..... Luke! He puts on a private concert every evening!!! What I mean is, he's upstairs singing and there is no escaping it!!!!!!! So songs from musicals, but fortunately tonight he is going for the emotional ones which is easier on the ears than belting when there isn't enough room for the sound to go!!!!!
Hope you are well xxx

K J D said...

Hi Fiona

Lucky you..... they look fun!