Friday 11 March 2011

Talking Tea.......

On my blog travels again today - I came across Kimmie's blog and her Tuesday Tea brigade - what a lovely idea. So I thought I would join in with some of my own tea. I love to make herbal teas and this one is a raspberry leaf, marigold and lady's mantle tea. Its nearly the end of the batch as I need it to be summer to collect all the ingredients. Its a great tea for women's monthly problems as well as tasting good.
Here's what the tea looks like in its raw state - the colours are very pretty.

As its loose leaf tea it deserves to be made in a proper pot with a plunger. Do you like the cups? They are actually coffee cups, with a little story behind them - last May I lost my darling mum and it was my job to sort out all her things - I'm sure you understand. She was a great collector of fine bone china but hidden in a cupboard still in their box were these two cups - not her style at all but I loved them - they have pride of place on my dresser and they are lovely to drink out of. I'm sure she'd be happy I'm using them and tea was her favourite drink.


Jill said...

The cup is very sweet and so special as a memory! I think the tea is beautiful in it's raw state. It would be pretty in a clear jar!

Julia Dunnit said...

Lovely: cups, that you use them, and that you like the tea....I'm not good at herbals.

Joanna said...

Pretty tea! Sweet that the cups and saucers have such a personal connection for you.


Anonymous said...

What lovely tea!! I am enamored with the fact that you collect all the ingredients and make up your own herbal blends. That is terrific!!

Your mum would be overjoyed that you have found joy in using her cups. I just think that is so sweet.

Thanks for visiting my blog and I look forward to have more T on T with you soon!

Unknown said...

Your tea looks pretty and I'm sure it tastes pretty too! With all of those bits of flowers! I almost always take my tea in a coffee cup! I think teacups are much too smal :)

K J D said...


I think its lovely that you use your special cups.... I love herbal tea - never thought of actually making it not from a tea bag though!!!!

You have many strings to your bow!!!

Love Karenx

Nancy said...

Great to make your own tea :) I used the leaves from
monarda last year.
Very pretty cup and Forsythia! I still have a good bunch of snow :)
Thanks for commenting on my blog and glad you've joined for tea.

Judy said...

Hi Fiona, Love your name! It sounds so feminine.

I love mixing my own herbal teas, too. I grow many of my own. Yesterday I went to a local nursery in search of lemon grass. It's really hard to come by where I live. They had three nice pots of it and even though it made me feel very greedy I bought them all! It's such a wonderful tea ingredient.

Your dear mums mugs are lovely. It must help make her feel closer when you drink from them.

I'm glad you joined us for tea Tuesday...sorry it's Friday before I make it by to visit. Thankfully tea is perfect every day of the week!

oxo Judy

Wendy said...

Hi Fiona and fur babies,
We're so glad you stopped by and had some tea with us. I can tell we have LOTS to talk about, tea magick and kitties, perfect combo. I'm definitely going to have to check the book, "House Magic" you recommended. We all look forward to getting to know you better.
Purrs to all of you,
Wendy, Miss Bella and Sele

The Year of the Cats

Gaby Bee said...

What lovely tea! The cup is really beautiful.
Thanks for stoppng by and leaving such a lovely comment!

Have a wonderful day!
Gaby xo

~*~Patty S said...

Fun to see you at Tea Tuesday Fiona!
How special that you make your own tea blends.

Thank you for sharing the story about your lovely Mother with us.
My Mom passed away this Feb and the taking down of the house is fraught with emotion as you know. I am sorry you lost your dear Mother. I am convinced they live on in us and our memories.


Jacqueline said...

Hi Fiona, have you ever tried sage tea - its very refreshing in the summer! I am a fan of this kind of raw tree, I love plunging the flowers from the Lime tea in a cup with hot water too!