Tuesday, 21 September 2010


We have a new addition to the family - Oscar - my husband isn't really a cat man but I've found out after 25 years (today I should add) that he can't really refuse me anything. Aren't I lucky - so for my silver wedding present I got Oscar the cat - a three year old from Cat's Protection. I lost my Felix in May after 17 years and he left a big gap.
Although I have two other cats they are just not people cats but I could see that Oscar and I were going to be great pals. He's settled in very well so far and taking all of my brood in his stride. He doesn't look too stressed does he?


K J D said...

He's a sweetie.... looks like an Egyptian cat. He'll soon have you eating out of his hand!!!!!


Sandra said...

Oscar is beautiful! Look here this is
Lillo, seem to twins!

daisy said...

Adorable! Oscar looks as though he's settled in very quickly.

Ours is from Cats Protection too - they do such a tremendous job.

Lynne said...

How lovely to give a home to a deserving animal. I'm sure he'll be very happy. He looks as though he's settled in already.

Irish3 said...

He's beautiful!!! I love his name too. Great markings and I'm sure he is so happy to have a home where he'll be taken care of and loved. Great luck with him!!!

Carole said...

Happy belated anniversary!

What a beautiful cat. :-)