Saturday, 9 October 2010


The challenge over at inchy challenge blog this week is Devotion.

Here's mine

And these are some pictures of our new cat Oscar settling in very well - Tegan is definitely devoted to him.

Who says cats and dogs have to be enemies?


Starry said...

your devotion entry is great, I can see devotion in your pet photos too. Your pic made my heart sigh, I had a black and white cat looked just like that, then I saw your cat is also named Oscar. Our Oscar passed in 1993 after a good life of luxurious care and attention.

Sabrina said...

Funny, we got a new black and white kitty from the Humane Society in January. JoJo is filling the gap left from the loss of Norman, our sweet tabby we had for 17 years.

Like your new kitty, JoJo gets along great with our dog. Our dog is also a rescue, cattle dog/border collie mix. He weighs about 6x what the cat does, and is not the quiet type. Despite that, JoJo loves to wrestle with him!!

I've not had a B/W kitty before, but it seems (to generalize) they have a great disposition!

Irish3 said...

Oscar looks right at home!! Fantastic that they can hang out together!

Ali said...

Lovely photos, I'm cat and dog mad too :-)