Monday, 20 September 2010


Our word for this week over at inchy challenge blog is Wave - I've done a wave of the hand. If you'd like to play along you'll find us here

Its a busy week ahead in our household as my daughter goes off to Uni next Saturday - all the way up to Aberystwyth which is a 5 hour drive from us here in Hampshire. She's going up to study Equine Studies and this weekend we drove her horse Figaro up as he's going to be studying with her! At least if she gets homesick she can go and give him a big hug. I must admit I'm not looking forward to the goodbyes - I cry at the slightest thing and I know I'll be wreck.

I have a new cat coming to live with us tomorrow - his name is Oscar and he's a three year old black and white - I've missed my old Felix who died in May and although I have two other cats they are very aloof so I'm hoping Oscar will be more of a people cat - he's come from Cat Protection and I hope he settles in ok with all my brood. He will give me something to focus on with Emma going!

Its my Silver Wedding Anniversary tomorrow - we've been celebrating since August with one thing another but tomorrow is the actual date. Don't 25 years go so quick!


Joanna said...

Love that waving lady!

I'm terrible at goodbyes as well - and a horse going to uni?! I've heard it all now!

Good luck with your new purry-furry. A stressful few days for you but I'm sure it'll all be worth it in the end.

Many many congratulations to you both for your 25th Wedding Anniversary.


Irish3 said...

What a great wave inchie to start off the inchie week! Congratulations on your anniversary, that's quite an acheivement!

daisy said...

Great image ... I had to use a little lateral thinking for mine!

Anonymous said...

WOW what a coincidence! My DD has just gone to Aber to do her Masters in Equine Studies and taken both her horses with her. She did her BSc there too. Great Uni and great course. I've just come back from a weekend visit (recommend Glengower). And we live between Alton and Winchester, lol. Small world. Enjoy your new furry friend. xx
(and great inchy btw)