Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Oh no - look what's on my workdesk today - nada, zilch, rien, niet, ddim, nichts ....... get the picture? Absolutely nothing - anyone got any brilliant ideas what I can do next????? lol! I had to tidy the desk as hubby wanted to get to the computer - its an old one that he uses just for his itunes and he couldn't find anywhere to place the mouse - so to keep him happy I tidied it and it never got untidied! For more inspiring desks check out the other girls at WOYWW.

Do you know what I think I need - some new craft items to play with - its been well over a year since I bought any new stuff, stamps or papers or inks - do you think I'm overdue?

Oh, but look what I have in my drawers, so to speak? This is Pepper - trying to get in on the act, he found his way into my papers drawer.


There - that's much better!


Dee . . . . . said...

Pepper more than makes up for the lack of 'stuff' on your desk in my opinion, but then I am more than just a little partial to our feline and canine friends . . lol

Happy Wednesday!

Dee #51

Doone said...

we managed to lose Schroedinger under the floor boards once - we leave doors and cupboards, floors and arches open now because she just hides in the most silly places,

get some craft on that mat girl!...


nnalorac said...

My cats always sneeking into my cupboards, mind you not a lot of room to manouver but he always seems to manage to get out again. Carolxx

Victoria said...

love the cat x
vicky #59

jude said...

Pepper's eyes so cute popping out there.Im away at the moment but hubby says lots post so may be the owoh gift has arrived .please pop by my blog as i have some candy up for grabs maybe the crafty stuff your looking for!
Happy Wednesday
hugs judex7

Sue said...

Hi ya
lol very tidy desk, luv the kitty in the filing cabinet,,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x(18)

Wipso said...

Those cat's eyes are seriously green :-)
If you haven't been yet please pop over to our blog shop, leave us a comment and be in with the chance to win a crafter's apron.

Good luck.
A x

Caroline Hallett said...

oh check out the cheeky cat - and what a lovely clean and tidy desk - bet its not like that now is it?

Anonymous said...

Oh that's a scary desk, and definitely sounds like it's time for some new goodies too! Love the cheeky kitty!

Brenda 103


That has to be the cutest kitty I have seen in awhile. Just look at those gorgeous eyes! You definitely need to get crafting....make a mess!

missy k said...

Your cat is SO sweet!

Have you made a mess on your desk yet? I hope so!


Toodles and Binks (Galaxy Girl from UK STampers) said...


You won a prize over at www.toodlesandbinks.blogspot, but I need your addy. I am having problems with emails so you might have already sent it to me but I haven't got it.

Please use the email.

Off to spend a couple of days with Tim Holtz back on Saturday.



Di said...

Aw, Pepper is worth more than any amount of crafty mess! Sooo cute! I was out today and had to creep back into the house through one of the side gates 'cos our neighbour's cat ( Penny) curls up in the front porch/ doorstep to sleep most days and I'd have disturbed her going in by the front door! Not even my cat... but there you go! :) Di x

Spyder said...

VERY tidy desk! and pepper really does love looking through your files, My Frog the cat isn't well, domiss her not 'helping'
Have a happy WOYWW

Julia Dunnit said...

Good grief Fiona, I thought you were moving house - get that desk into creative mode before I faint! Better get some scrapbooking done next.

Minxy said...

A whole year without buying stash, how the hell did you manage that, i have trouble going a week lol
Love the kitty shot, makes up for the empty desk for sure x
Happy Thursday x
Hugs Minxy #2

Nicky said...

Love pepper in your drawer and Thursday update of an active desk ~ thanks for sharing ~ Nicky no.4

okienurse said...

Vast difference in the desk from Wednesday to Thursday. I am like the others...the peek at Pepper was worth the clean desk! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #148