Tuesday, 14 December 2010


It's our final inchy challenge over at inchy blog this week as I've decided to close the blog - not an easy decision but I think it needs fresh legs. My choice of word for our final one is BLUE. Here's my inchy :

On a brighter note - my hubby and I went out with some friends to Winchester last evening for a skate around the ice rink and then some dinner. I'm not a very confident skater but I did enjoy it - and enjoyed watching those who can skate whizz by me! I'm just so grateful I didn't fall over!


K J D said...


What a lovely photo of you both.....


jaine drake said...

I take it, it wasn't dancing on ice then? I bet you had fun though. I love those outdoor rinks at christmas time, they really get you in the mood.

Joanna said...

Well done for not falling over, Fiona! I'm rubbish on skates and just cling to the side screaming! That's a lovely picture of you both.

Super inchy too, and a great one to finish up with.


Happy Christmas,


Irish3 said...

What a great picture Fiona! I love the bright blue skates!!! Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year, I miss you and your inchie blog, stay in touch!!!
Take care!