Thursday, 17 February 2011


VISSI D'ARTE VISSI D'AMORE - I lived for my art, I lived for love. The words spoken by Tosca when she is fighting for the love of her life. This aria is one I love to sing, maybe one day I'll get to sing the whole opera. My favourite Tosca of all time is Maria Callas - I just love her singing - I love the expression in her voice and I can even forgive her the odd bum note as she is telling me the story and I can feel her pain, passion, emotion.

The theme over at Footprints Studio is LOVE - at all its levels.

The theme over at TMTA this week is musical clefs (clefs being the French and possibly Latin for key) so this was an obvious choice.

My background papers were from an altered paper swap I did with UK Stampers, I added the piece of sheet music and stamped over it with Cherry Pie Art Stamps. Looks like my lady has really fat cheeks doesn't it? Oh well - they always say it isn't over until the fat lady sings! lol!
I had a great day's crafting with my friend Karen, Missy K, today - I actually covered my cheese box and Karen helped me over the hurdle of actually ripping into that book I had bought. I think I'm now over the guilt, although I decided I could never actually rip any books I own - they would have to be bought especially for altering. I also altered a few old revision cards Karen had given me - using the papers from the book and some more of the fabulous papers I received from the altered paper swap.
I'll pop a picture of the altered cheese box on tomorrow.
Must go and get the dinner ready now.....


missy k said...

Hi Fiona

cooking gets in the way of crafting doesn't it!!!

I had a great day today.... you got a lot more done than me!!!

I love your lady's 'fat cheeks' - I hadn't noticed till you pointed them out!

Thanks again for the flowers and cake - when are you coming next lol!


Elizabeth said...

Hello Fiona, Enjoy visiting your blog and admiring your work so please pop along to my blog: where an award awaits you. Elizabeth x

Joanna said...

Looks like you had lots of arty fun at Karen's.

Well done for getting over the book ripping hurdle!


Caroline Hallett said...

Gosh - these are beautiful -whenever I try doing things like this I end up with a right old mess - must just keep trying

Sammie said...

OOOOOoooooohhhHHHH -love that Tosca aria!!! And that sentiment stamp is something special. I love your whole design -it is so balanced and the colours so pretty. I love the serenity of the lady's face. I have to say, this is the most beatiful and ethereal piece of art I have seen for ages. It's made me feel quite vulnerable and emotional. Stunning!

Nancy B said...

Beautiful ATC! I had to laugh at your comment on the fat lady singing. Glad you are now into altered books. I have a local altered book club and I love them!

Sammie said...

Thank you for your visit. I have just made my first item in 15 months -and a lot of it is the fact that this lovely ATC made me believe that I can still do it. Some people will be shocked the next time they visit me and see I've made something!
I'll email you tomorrow -or as they say in Sondheim's "Follies", it is tomorrow!!! xxx

jude said...

Fiona ,These are absolutely lovely.Still cant get my head round i
thanks have fab weekend hugs judex

TopazPearleGirl said...

Very nice! She does have chubby cheeks, adds to her personality.

Pat Beaumont said...

I recognized that background piece lol - you've improved on it so it looks brilliant