Friday, 18 February 2011

One day I'll Fly Away....

Do you remember that song by Randy Crawford - it was one of my favourites. Stay with me - it all becomes clear! lol!

The theme over at Wednesday Stamper this week is transportation - mine would be flight of the non jet engine type so the Randy Crawford song gave me the inspiration for my theme - see told you I'd get there.

My scanner isn't working and the photograph doesn't show up quite as well. I've used a background paper from the altered background swap, again, the moth is from that book I tore into yesterday (!) and the stamps are Cherry Pie.

I'm also submitting this for Tuesday Taggers which this week is SKY

The theme over at One Powerful Hour is Child's Play - I remembered having this image at the bottom of my box of stash somewhere and thought it fit the theme - they could even be thinking of playing the piano - once again i've torn into that book - its actually quite therapeutic.

I had a friend come round today - she was actually the one who got me into scrapbooking years ago - and I was showing her a few things and her reply was "what's the point?" hmmm - she started doing ATC's a while back and couldn't think why on earth she was doing them and stopped. What is the point? I have no idea - I don't do much with them - they sit in a box but for the few hours that I sit and create my mind is still, I'm relaxed and its cheaper than therapy! What are your thoughts on What's the Point?


missy k said...

There's no stopping you at the moment!

Love this dreamy piece.... and yes I do remember that song... and loved it too.

Rembember to keep tearing - you don't want to get scared again!

Have a great weekend


froebelsternchen Susi said...

dreamy piece for Transportation!

Lorraine said...

lovely inchie

Hermine said...

Its lovely

Joanna said...

I think it's sad when people ask, "what's the point?" It's just because you want to. True artists at heart never ask that question. Non artist friends of mine question why I would want to create artistically and although it saddens me I understand more than those who also already make things. You'd think they had a better understanding.

Anyway, sweet piece today - I love that stamp, love it!

Have a lovely weekend.


Toodles and Binks (Galaxy Girl from UK STampers) said...

I decided I would give away some extra door prizes on OWOH and you got one:

I will email you over the weekend and get your addy.


Caroline Hallett said...

these are beautiful... and I love the song it makes me cry as it was all I could relate to when trapped in a horrid marriage to someone who wasnt very nice - and your piece is just awesome - nice memories for the song, and also thanks for the follow and your lovely comments. xxx

Gina said...

There is no point to art from the heart:) It just is! I have 2 blogs, one for "the enjoyable accepted norm" and the other for self expression, just for the hell of it messy weird and wonderful stuff :D I suppose it could be seen as a kind of therapy. The less weird stuff I use to make cards for charity, good fun leading to good karma(and hubby sez it keeps me off the streets ;D) XXX

Sammie said...

Wow -you are really in the zone, aren't you. I think I could stay here and wallow a while....

What's the point? For me part of the beauty is that there is no point. It is a choice to indulge a side of ourselves that would otherwise be without expression.

It is the freedom to create and allow to evolve and to relax in that moment that exists for nothing else.

I really wonder if I could create an ATC soon? I used to love them because they were just a personal collection that I kept in a folder, made when I only had a few minutes to create and I didn't want to create something that might be judged by another. So no pressure to create, just play and experimentation that are so lacking in an adult life.

Well, that's my take on it!

cmoh said...

I love tearing up books for artistic purposes and you've used the pages so nicely.

Thanks for joining us at One Powerful Hour.