Friday, 17 February 2012

Catching up with friends...

I had a great day yesterday with my blogging friend Karen - Missy K. We talked and talked and put each other at ease when we found out we are both going through the same things at this stage in our lives - we're both nearly 50 - note I said NEARLY!!!!

It really helps to talk things through with friends who understand exactly how you're feeling and why. Makes us feel normal! We had a good mooch round the shops in Stockbridge, Hampshire - a very pretty little village - and I found some fabulous wallpaper.

Readers of my blog will know I love hares - and look at this fab paper I found made by two designers based in Wiltshire - affording it may be another matter though - can you see what it is?

Boxing Hares!!! By a company called BarnebyGates. Love it! They had many other lovely papers - and one with robins on which I was also partial to.

Couldn't let my blog pass without putting on a picture of my Welsh Springer Spaniel Tegan which a friend too for me when they looked after her the other day -


K J D said...

I had a wonderful time.... you were like therapy! but with no cost!!!

That wallpaper was gorgeous..... I just hope you don't need too many rolls;)

Sweet, sweet pic of Tegan.

My orchid pot is perfect btw for the cloakroom... I'm so glad I was decisive for once:)

Looking forward to our next meet up already.



Beautiful daffs and I really like your books bloggie background Fiona.
Have a super weekend :o)
Love xx