Monday 18 April 2011


I fancy doing a matchbox swap and have looked around in blogland but a lot of them seem to be monthly swaps and to begin with I'd just like to do one - so anyone want to join in with me???

Make one matchbox and we'll swap with one partner

The theme is BIRDS as its spring and easter is almost upon us.

Leave your name if you'd like to join in - cut off date for signing up will be 8th April.


Joanna said...

Sorry Fiona, as tempted as I am to join in with your matchbox swap, I'm over-committed already.

I do hope someone wants to play.


Unknown said...

go on then ill give it a go !!!

let me know when its gotta be done by chic

Judie xx

Leah's crafts said...

go on then xxx

Hettie said...

Count me in! Does the size of matchbox need to be specific and how much time do we have? I would love to do a one off rather than every month! Sounds like fun :-)

Kelly said...

I'd like to have played but just now seeing the blog. Maybe next time around. I love your WOYWW collection. Definitely items to inspire!

Would like to have seem a more recent post though ;-)

Anonymous said...

I am up for it!