Tuesday 3 August 2010


Oops- I've been neglecting my old blog - we've now finished our A-Z on the inchy challenge blog - here's mine to finish the set:

I will be starting a new challenge in September - something a little bit different.

A busy month ahead of us for August with celebrations for our 25th Wedding Anniversary (which is actually 21st Sept) our daughter going away to Uni, off to Greece for a holiday all of us at the end of August and my son off to College.

My daughter has been doing an equine touch course in the New Forest for the past few days and it was a great opportunity for me to take the dogs down to play in the Forest - its so peaceful down there but such a shock when you get back into civilisation and on the motorway.

Here are some pictures of Tegan now 9 months and Tara - 11 years.

I love the way the camera has managed to catch Tegan's tail going nineteen to the dozen.

I've also got something else in the pipeline which is in its early stages at the moment -

What do you think of my posie or tussie-mussie?


Rosie Rowe said...

Lovely pics Fi... and that tail!! Lol! The posy is gorgeous - I bet it smells very aromatic too - are those mint and thyme tucked in there? Mmmmmm...!

Lesley said...

Love all your inchies Fiona and I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this alphabet. Still go no clue as to what you have in store for us next though lol! xx

Irish3 said...

Hi Fiona!! I love the pictures of your dogs! What great color they both have and they look so happy to be out in the woods. I'd be afraid Riley would just take off and never look back till he got hungry... and then it would be too late!! Beautiful flower too!!
Enjoy your busy summer!