Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Dare I admit to this on live blog! but I'm bored bored bored with making cards. I have loads of them sitting in boxes that I don't know what to do with - I can't sell them, and I find it somewhat soul destroying just making something that's going to sit in a box.

So for the time being I'm putting cards away and going to do something else. Rather tricky when you're a Stampin Up demonstrator! lol! But luckily SU do some fab scrapping papers too.

So I'm going back to my scrapping which is what I started out doing first of all. Here's another layout for today - Durdle Dor is in Dorset - its a great walk up the cliffs to the beach where this famous landmark is. We went on a winter's day in December and had a fabulous time - I don't know what it is about Britain's beaches in the winter but I much prefer going there at this time of year than in the summer - for one thing there's hardly anyone else there. My idea of torture would be a beach full of people like you see at Bournemouth during the summer - I think I'm turning into a Grumpy Old Woman!!! Lol!

Anyway - on to the layout - the papers are by Cosmo Cricket - I love their papers! I think I need to work on my camera skills for getting better pictures of the 12 x 12 as they won't fit my scanner - any tips?


Jo said...

Lovely page Fi, yummy papers ;)
If I keep getting flashbacks on my pics, I take the pic further away and to the side so that the flash doesn't shine back, then I go in PSP to crop the photo.
Hope you're feeling ok today hun xx

Julia Dunnit said...

I turn off the flash and photo them upright. Lovely LO, am thinking that actually, scanning doesn't show off the lovley colours so well as photos - when I make unscientific comparisons to some of your other pics.
I too hope you're feeling improved on a daily basis!