Sunday, 29 June 2008


Well I feel like I've done a full day and its only 10.30 a.m.! Hubby and I have treated the family to a spa/hot tub - when we left the States and had to leave our lovely pool we promised the kids we'd at least get a hot tub - well that was three years ago and we decided that rather than have a holiday this year abroad we'd go for the hot tub. Its so relaxing - and hubby and I were out there at 7.30 this morning - clear blue sky, no kids, it was so nice.

DS has gone out already - Andover has a new cinema and he and his friends have gone off to see a movie - DD is yet to stumble out of bed, and I'm blog surfing.

I've found some more blog candy on my travels - - pop along here and leave a comment and a link.

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ANd more here at Michelle's - check out her lovely miniature donkeys

Has anyone taken up the This Thursday challenge of working with beads - if you like your beads you'll love the prize! Although I found beads quite challenging to work with - especially the little fiddly things - I did put some on another card today - these were a lot easier to work with. I've been playing with some inks today making some backgrounds.

There's something afoot on the inchy blog too - you'll have to wait till tomorrow to find out what though!

Well, I'd better throw in a few cards for you to look at! I've done a pocket card here with my SU stamps - I love this colour combination of the green and the black - what do you think? I could do with some good white ink - any ideas?

I've been playing with some inks making some backgrounds - can you spot the Tiger's Eyes on here?


Sian said...

What a lovely way to start the day - in the hot tub - bliss!

I love green and black together too. Regarding white ink, I've hear brillance is ok, but I haven't tried it.

Rosie said...

I'm with Sian, Fi... great start to the day (although it's not warm enough here!). Brilliance is supposed to be very good ;-]

Carol said...


Have you been busy!!

I'm not (much) envious about your hot tub lol!!

I can't see that you're an SBS member I love your work - would you consider joining?

Here's the link

Will check out the inchy site - you tease!!

Carol :0)

Julia Dunnit said...

jellybeanBrilliance is worth a bash, so is Stazon Opaque cotton white. None, IMHO have the full on opacity that we are looking for when stamping.

Jane said...

Will be interested to try the Brilliance in white too, lovely work Fiona :)

Carol said...


WOW -I'm one of yor SBS 20 sistahs/sisters.

I was tagged this morning and I'm going alphabetically down my list and tagging sisters who have not this or last month been tagged... so TAG (sorry if you've been tagged a whole lot earlier!!)


Beryl said...

Helo Fiona,
Diolch am eich neges. Dw i'n byw ym Mynydd Nefyn, ger Pwllheli.
Great to be in the same group as you. Have been looking at your blog and can see it's going to be very inspirational.
Beryl xx

hilmof said...

beautiful cards - you are an inspiration

A Latte Stampin said...

Love Carte Postal, They are retiring this stamp set here in the US...So Sad!!!