Friday, 20 June 2008


Whilst chatting away in the chat room on Aunty's Forum someone asked about storage for all those little bits we need for our crafts and I mentioned my spice racks - so I thought I'd put a picture of them on here in case anyone else needs some inspiration. As you can see I have two of them - I got them from ebay. And they are great for finding those fiddly bits really quickly and as they are clear you can see whats in them.

P.S. - the eagle-eyed among you might see my shadow box of ATC's from one of our very first ATC swaps on Aunty's sometime last year.


Linda Elbourne said...

Fabulous idea!

Anonymous said...

Hi Fiona,
Angelia here saying hi and checking out your blog! So nice to see pictures and all your wonderful cards and connections.

Angelia said...

PS. Happy Solstice!!!

carolann said...

Brilliant idea WTG