Friday, 12 October 2007


Well, nothing much craft related - BUT we do have a new addition to our brood coming this evening - she is a very tiny smoky grey kitten and is going to be for my DS(but she's mine really) I've wanted a smoky grey kitten ever since I saw one in one of the pet shops in the States but I couldn't have her. It would have meant more money to ship her back from there when we finally came home and I don't like that they de-claw their cats.

So its taken me three years to find another one. I'd given up the search for a grey one, the cat protection homes couldn't help me, and then she just fell into my lap. I think my request to the universe had a lot to do with it.

When we moved the horse to his new stables - the woman's cat had just had kittens and she had one grey one that no-body wanted. I wanted her!!! I jumped up and down, well not really, not at my age! LOL! So she's arriving tonight - but DS thinks he's just going to see her tonight not that she's coming home with us! What the other two cats and our dog are going to think I have no idea - should be a bit hectic around here for the next few weeks, and here's me laid up with a bad back!

DS wanted to call the kitten Master Chief after something he was reading in his book but I explained she was a she and that wouldn't be a very good name so DD came up with Mischief - what a great name - so Mischief she is!

I'll post a piccy on here once we get here so you can all say AAA!

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Rosie said...

Oh Fi - that's wonderful!! I hope you do post pics of Miss Mischief!!

When things like that happen to me, I laugh and call it "synchronicity"... *grins*

Dontcha just love 'cosmic ordering'?