Tuesday, 9 October 2007


Marina, who designs and owns Cherry Pie Stamps had let me know of a very worthwhile auction that was being held - - it was called the Hope Sees a Star auction and you can read more about it here. http://www.zne-store.citymax.com/Home.html What the organisers of this auction were trying to do really touched me and I wanted to be able to help in some small part.

I am delighted that I won my bid and am going to be the proud owner of some fabulous artwork, thanks to the generosity of the artist Colette Copeland.

Here's what I've won! Isn't it just amazing!


crissi said...

wow thats gorgeous fi.

sorry fi but im taging you check my blog to see whats what ..

bubblegum said...

Hi Fiona - that looks lovely - glad you enjoyed it.

Just to let you know I'm tagging you - enjoy. Pop on over to my blog for the info.

Debbie x