Monday, 28 June 2010


... I have my main computer up and running again - although it is a little slower than the laptop its easier to use so no excuses for not posting more.

On Friday I spent a lovely couple of hours with Karen MissyK who I met through my inchy challenge blog - we discovered we live not far from each other and have met up in Winchester for coffee on a few occasions- but on Friday we decided to go a bit further and visit Jane Austen's House and Museum in Chawton. The weather was glorious and it was so nice wandering around the house and the gardens - afterwards we popped over the road for a lovely lunch in a little tea shop which had gorgeous china tea cups hanging from the ceiling. Hmm - where shall we go next?

On to the Inchy challenge blog and we're up to the letter U - mine is a Unicorn - someone asked if he is a goat with a horn - but the stamp comes from a collection of Magical Signs and Symbols which I bought when I lived in Texas. The boxed set also has a book with information on all the signs and for the Unicorn it tells us that, although now dismissed as a fairy tale, in medieval Europe it was widely accepted. Some think it was a misunderstood rhino or narwhal - some think it was hunted into extinction. The unicorn was said to be faster and fiercer than a horse but of a trusting nature. His noble nature and strength caused the unicorn to be adopted as the emblem of British royalty in the 15th Century.


missy k said...

Hi Fiona

It was a fun day wasn't it?

I still haven't managed to put the photos from my phone on my blog - I may try tonight!

I hadn't planned to go to Winchester but had a bit of time before collecting Woody..... great bookshop though.

I love your little Unicorn... I thought you had drawn him Fiona. I love unicorns, they are mystical and magical. Special.

Its Tuesday and its 6.30am and it has just started RAINING!


JaN's ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Aww how nice to meet up with a blog friend, sounds like you both had an enjoyable time :)
...and another fab inchy, like your magical choice of word/image!
Jan x

Irish3 said...

I've always loved Unicorns!!! This brings back childhood memories, I used to sit and draw them and write stories about them. Love your inchie!!