Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Over the past few years - I have started to have a great pull towards Hares and have started to collect them. Not real ones you understand, though we do have their wild cousins, rabbits, in our garden. I have been lucky enough to catch sight of hares in the fields where we live in Hampshire. I wanted to share with you some of my hares:

My first is a gorgeous wooden hare made by the talented British Artist Karen Davis. Karen has an uplifting blog you'll find here called Moonlight and Hares - I don't know where I first came across her blog but was so glad I did. She also has an etsy shop and I bought one of her wooden hares - he sits over my aga in the kitchen.

My other hares are bronze hares - the smaller one in the middle is very special as he is solid bronze and my favourite.

My hare picture came from Wendy Andrew - you'll find her here - she does gorgeous artwork and if you like your Goddesses and Mythical Images I would suggest you take a look.

I've just noticed that Karen has a Lunar Moon Hare calendar for 2010! I've just let my fingers do the walking on paypal! lol!

I don't have an association with any of the artists I've mentioned here - I just think their work is outstanding and want to give them extra recognition.

Oh, apart from this one artist: This is a moon gazing hare done for me by my daughter Emma Whitehead. She's only 18 and does the most fabulous digital art - normally horses but I asked her to do me a hare. I keep telling her she could do this professionally but she doesn't believe me. You'll recognise a hare in my blogger header - this was also done by my daughter.


joanne May said...

Hi Fiona,
What a lovely post. I love hares too! In fact I had a bronze Hare statue for my birthday, this year.:)
Thank you for visiting me. Bengal cats are lovely but your husband is right they are a bit loud!
One Bengal cat is enough for me!:)
I am now following you. Please follow me too if you like so I can visit your blog, by clicking on your image.
Jo. >^.^<

joanne May said...

Hi again Fiona,
Tell your daughter she has got talent and her art images are great!
The hare is really lovely.:)

Julia Dunnit said...

I have another friend who enjoys hares like you...I think I told you that before. It's interesting, the things we all collect and are into aside from our crafts!

missy k said...

Hi Fiona

Your hares are really wonderful...

I got a shock when I saw who the first one was made by!

Your daughters hare is beautiful - hares seem really tranquil don't they?