Thursday, 11 June 2009

Mojo Back - Theme Thursday - Flourish

I've actually done some crafting today - my mojo had packed its bags and gone on holiday but today it had recovered from its jet lag and came back.

I've finally done a page in a CJ which I found under all my crafting stuff - it belonged to Diane - I bet she's forgotten all about it - she's also receiving a bookmark as a Bingo gift.

I used some metallic paints to make the bookmark and CP stamps.
I then played around with some new stamps I'd bought in the States when I was there in April and I had a play with some Adirondack dabbers which are new to me. I came up with this and then thought I'd have a look around blog challenge land to see if it could fit into a theme and I found one over at Thursday Challenge who are looking for flourishes. The stamps are from Tim Holtz and Stamp Connection, I think.


Willy said...

Very beau tiful page and bookmark!

Faye said...

Fiona, very beautiful entry for the flourishes challenge.

Eila A said...

Your work is very interesting and original!

Merry said...

Great bookmark...I like the birds on the page...wonderful.

Shelly Hickox said...

This is very cool! Love the stamps you've used.

Christine said...

I got your prize mailed today. I'm sorry it took so long but luck was against me on getting these mailed. I go out and forget to bring them with me; then the post office didn't have electricity one time; but I mailed it yesterday!!!


Dawne said...

gorgeous fiona xxxx

Sammie said...

Wow! You've been busy! I love these! I have always loved that nostalgic little angelic face image -is it Tim Holz? It keeps popping up on other people's creations from time to time. Well, "Little Shop of Horrors" closes tomorrow. Then I'm off to Switzerland to see Luke play Boy George in "The Wedding Singer". Any news on Santuzza?
Sammie x

missy k said...

These are both great.... I love the colours you've used and that face is gorgeous! I was looking for your owl...... back over to the other site I go! Have a good week... glad your mojo has returned... mine is alway flitting off!!!!!