Wednesday, 14 January 2009


I've made a start on my valentine's cards - have no idea who I'll send them to though - as I normally only give DH one. When we lived in Texas I was surprised at the amount of Valentines they send over there - its not just to partners, but daughters, sons, friends, mums, dads, teachers..... - the list seemed to be endless. I think if I gave my kids one they'd think I was going a bit daft.

Who do you send Valentine's to? Or do you even send them? Just a thought.

This one used some old Stampin Up stamps and some current cardstock - I wanted to give it the image of postage stamps.


Steph said...

This is so cute - I love the colours, I really enjoy making valentines cards & hubby gets them all lol - if your hubby doesn't get this one then I hope you find another worthy recipent! x

Jo said...

Such a pretty card Fi, and they do look like postage stamps, lovely idea!
Jo xx

chelemom said...

Love the postage stamp look!!! Very cute!

Heather Robinson said...

Oh've inspired me to get crackin' on mine! It will make up for the Christmas cards that never got made this year. Love the cheery feel of your card. It will be received with delight.

Cazzy said...

Hi Fiona, this is a nice card, very rural American I think.

There is something on my blog for you, or there will be shortly.

Cazzy x

jakey said...

thank you for your kind comment on mojoholder! we hope we have inspired you to scrap! :-)

love the mojo girls

Phree said...

Lovely Valentine card. I only send one to my hubby, but I guess I am a tradioinalist and like the idea that a valentine should be for your true love.