Thursday, 29 January 2009

Photo challenge no 2

I've been tagged by Rosie for the photo challenge - I've already done this but its such fun I thought I'd do another one. I've posted piccies of some of my pets but missed out my other cat Megan. I can tell you she was not happy to have been left out - so I thought I'd better post some piccies of her on here - she's a 10 year old grand lady and hates this new kitten I've brought into her otherwise quiet life!
Mind you - when she sees these she's going to be flicking her tail at me. Her name is Megan but she is also sometimes known as Jabba - can you guess why????

And this is one of a few years ago - you can just see her eyes open and if she could have raised one claw at us I think she may well have done!


Rosie said...

Thanx for playing Fi - and I should've looked further, non?!! Ha!!

I love Jabba and can completely understand why she has that name... but is she talkative too?!!


Steph said...

LOL bless .... Jabba is a star!! xxx

Cheryl said...

She looks a very contented cat! Enjoy your snow.