Tuesday, 30 September 2008


I'm not back in crafting mode yet - I need to be before the weekend though, but I am in cooking mode.

I've just made some yummy pumpkin soup for a friend who is coming for lunch today - looks great put back in its own holder doesn't it! Definitely autumn then! I love making home-made soups - they are so tasty and quick to do. I made this one by:
Sweating down an onion in some butter and garlic until soft
Add the mashed up pulp and inside of the pumpkin, discarding the seeds I added some paprika and some chilli, but you could add nutmeg for a different flavour
leave it to soften for about 10 minutes
Add about 1 pint of good chicken stock - leave to cook for another 20 minutes or so until all the pumpkin is soft - blend and put back in the pumpkin. I've added a swirl of cream and some extra paprika! TaDa!!!!



Hi Fiona this looks delicious,i might try making this myself. Thank you for the inspiration. Hugs Linda x

Carole said...

Years ago a friend invited us for dinner and served pumpkin soup in the pumpkin shell. It was so pretty. I had always intended on trying it myself and never did.

carolann said...

WTG Fi looks so yummy hun xxxxx

SammieJay said...

OoooohhhH -you've made my mouth wayer. Pumpkin soup is my all time favourite especially with a dash of chilli. But this look spectaklious in it's serving tureen. Well done you!
SammieJay xxx