Thursday, 1 May 2008


Rattytatty's Dovecraft competition is still running - you just have to use Dovecraft supplies in your project. I did a different style of card for me using some fab Dovecraft embellishments - but I couldn't not use a rubber stamp on there somewhere! LOL! I've used dovecraft flowers, brads and the punch out behing the wording is a Dovecraft punch out.


Silvia said...

Elegant birthday card.

SammieJay said...

Ooooohhhhhh! This looks like a fun card! Well mine failed because the mat was aqua and not in shades of viloet -I had no violet handmade paper, but pushed on with the challenge anyway. So are you talking Tamino here? It used to be Peter's favourite role: he's sung it at Glyndebourne, Covent Garden and virtually everywhere else in the UK and Europe. He's know a bit too old for it and is working on roles demanding a bit more gravitas, such as Otello. Queen of the Night, hey? I'm exceedingly jealous. My voice stops at a top E -so close, yet so far. I've wroked and workd, but just can't find that extra tone. And since I just obliged friends with a mezzo role because they wanted my stage persona I'm thinking of singing bass in future!!!!!!!!! Where are you doing the Queen of the Night?
Much love,
SammieJay x said...

Great card again. Thanks for taking part in the competiton and good luck

SammieJay said...

Hence the word Diva in your blog name, I assume. Well, I've been singing mezzo for reasons against my will since January and a son that span G below middle C to an A off the top of the stave -it nearly killed me! Your comment inspired me to se if I had a voice left as I lost more than half an octave off the top and thanks to your inspiration the E cam out like a bell. I then dropped a tone using Sibelius and squeaked my way through "der Holle Rache" -it's a good job Peter was out!!! However needing a confidence boost I switched to "Ach, ich fuhl's" which was great for the morale! Thanks for encouraging me to re-work my high soprano repertoire.
Good luck with it -I am so envious -it's the all time aria I've wanted to get under my belt!
SJ xxx

Sian said...

It's a very 'happy' card, love it :)

(sorry keep forgetting you have this blog too!)