Thursday, 17 April 2008

As promised, some piccies of us in Rome - the top one is opposite the Forum in front of what was Augustus' Palace and the bottom one is in the Colosseum. I must admit the Colosseum is not one of my favourite places to be - I get a very dark and sad feeling when I enter it and it makes me quite sad. My daughter, who is a lot more in touch with her spiritual side than I am, also felt ill and shaky so we didn't stay long.

And yes, my DH is that tall! LOL!

Bella Roma - its one of my favourite cities and I would have loved to have been Italian - great food, great wine, great people and Opera - what more could I ask for! LOL


caroline said...

omg i would love to go to rome,i followed son1 via web cams hols there (well not followed literally) ive never wanted to so much go to somewhere before that.

great 'seeing' you x
thankyou for sharing

Theresa said...

these are gorgeous photos. you are lucky to live so close to such wonderful places. it is such a long way from down here

Toni said...

So jealous, I want to go to Rome!