Thursday, 27 September 2007


One of the things that hit me when I lived in Texas was how patriotic every American is. Most houses have the American Flag hanging outside, every morning in the schools the kids start the day by reciting the National Anthem - even if they are first generation, they are proud to be Americans. I don't think we have that sense of patriotism in our country, well our four countries to be exact! Unless its a sporting event!

So my challenge this week is to make a patriotic card - it could be used for any of the Saints' Days, David, George, Andrew or Patrick or just generally celebrate what you love about the country you live in!

The stamps I've used are from a company called Scottishbordersstamping which is run by a Scottish lady living in Houston, Texas.

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Julie said...

Great card fi - think this might be a bit too much of a challenge for me but I'll give it some thought :)