Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Tanda Stamps

I've just bought myself some Tanda Stamps - I never used to like unmounted stamps but since using and selling Cherry Pie Stamps I've become a bit more adventurous! These are the sets I have just bought - now all I need to do is cut them all out (!) and get creative!

I just love these inchie sized ones - what a fab idea!


Julie said...

I've got those oriental stamps and they're fab....I use that background stamp a lot :)

The other stamps look fab too !!!

anne said...

I love tanda stamps i've got quite a few sets. I have theose orientals too. used them loads

Storm said...

well fancy that. I got some stamps today too. But mine came from you lol

Hazel said...

Hey, I have that alpha set, I use it a lot! Enjoy!