Monday, 26 April 2010


I found N a difficult letter to come up with something for the inchy alphabet challenge this week - nut or nature were the only things I could think of but then found a Stampin Up stamp with November on it and some Chrysanthemums - I must admit they are not my favourite flowers - I always think of them as funeral flowers.

Speaking of Nuts - here's a recent picture of our pup Tegan - growing up fast - she's now 6 months. This ball was proving a bit too big for her! Look at that sunshine - looks like summer doesn't it - although the sun has deserted us here today in Hampshire and its back to damp and dull! Nice while it lasted - hope it comes back soon.

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missy k said...

Hi Fiona

I think of them as autumunal flowers, specially the lovely golden orange ones. I love them!

Love your inchy too! Aren't the weeks flying by fast.

Your dog is a real cutie!

I do hope the sun comes back to Hampshire soon..... I miss it already.