Friday, 25 September 2009

Doing our bit for charity

Mrs Dunnit (Julia from Stamping Ground blog here ) and I had a great time meeting up for coffee today and doing our bit for the Macmillan Coffee morning - I'd noticed our local garden centre was holding an event so we went along and did our bit - and of course we had to have cake - what's coffee without cake??????? Its like stamps without ink, paper without scissors, cards without envelopes - I think you get my drift! lol!!!

I really should have some craft bits to show you but I'm so nervous as I have a job interview today (a job after 20 years home looking after kids - faint) that my hands are shaking too much to do anything.

Maybe later................. gulp! In the meantime here's a picture of my strawberries - thanks to the lovely weather we've had the last few weeks - they are still going strong and so sweet. Not enough to share around though - what a shame! I've also made some sun-dried tomatoes - Well Aga dried tomatoes with my crop of toms! Yum!


Carol said...

Glad you enjoyed a chatty morning

Hope the interview went well - I've not worked for 7 years and would find the whole process full of admiration and have everything crossed for apositive next posting!!

Have a great weekend

missy k said...

I am glad you like cake with your tea/coffee:)

Fingers crossed for the job....

Ps those strawberries look yummy I may try growing them next year