Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Christine from Change of Heart is offering some blog candy but you have to work for it! LOL! She's asking you to make a bookmark - I'm going to offer my eyes one and if I get time I'll try and do some more. I have one somewhere I did for a Cherry Pie swap .......

Steph is also offering some great blog candy!

DEBBIE is also offering some fab blog candy!


Christine said...

Love your "eyes". Thanks for joining in m giveaway.

I'm excited about joining with the inchies. I want to get more into the "artsy" side of things and I think it will be a good way to get my feet wet by doing inchies. I hope to be joining in every week!


Sammie said...

OoooohhH, very cool and atmospheric.

Sammie said...

Thanks so much for your support with the Cancer Research Race for Life -I can't say how much your participation means to me.
You go girl for Santuzza -a fabulous role, but yes I do know what amateur companies can be like! I got stitched up in December and was offered a made up part in a "backing group" to support the girl who got the role because she couldn't hit the top C!!! (So I went on holiday to Egypt instead!)
Be sure to let me know what the audition brings -because I know it's not good etiquette to ask!
Please continue to pass the word on about my project -I continue to be very grateful.
Sammie x