Thursday, 6 November 2008


I found a great new site - if you like Christmas cards that is - you'll find it here. There was a great example of a pocket card with bookmark. Here's mine:

I've used Holiday Treasures from the latest SU catalogue. The stamps are old SU stamps - from the Etruscan set.

Update for Tara

Her lump has been confirmed, as much as they can, as a fatty lump and she is going to have surgery on it on Monday 17th November. As I'm singing in an opera next week I couldn't face her going in for the op until the singing was over. Thank you for all your good wishes.


More Christmas cards and ideas on my SU blog here


Anesha said...

Great card and I love the idea of putting a bookmark in the front.

Sian said...

The card with the bookmark is great and a fab idea!

Great news about Tara, and fingers crossed all goes well :)

Kate Lewis said...

Lovely card and bookmark Fiona and your choccy gift looks yummy! Great news about Tara too Kate

Anesha said...

Thanks for the info on Tara and I do hope it all goes well. Take care.

Phree said...

Beautiful Christmas card and bookmark. Fingers crosse that Tara's operation all goes smoothly on the 17th, I know how worried you must feel right now.

Morti said...

Oh what fabulous news about Tara!

Sending you all great big hugs!!!

Carole said...

Great card. I haven't made a pocket card in ages.

I've been thinking about you and am so glad to hear the news about Tara!

Stampmouse said...

I have been a bad blog sister and haven't been to your blog lately. I am working on that by adding you to my blog reader list