Thursday, 24 July 2008


I am here, honest, I'm just so busy getting ready for the Newbury Stamp Fair on Saturday that I don't seem to have time to do anything but craft at the moment. I also had elderly relatives here which didn't help but they've gone back now - in-laws - say no more! LOL!!! On top of all that I've got rehearsals for the Magic Flute Opera I'm starring in in November - its all go here at the moment.

WOW - I'm so lucky - I've been awarded 3 Awards this week - I'm so pleased that people enjoy coming to my blog and reading all my blurb - and the idea that I inspire others never ceases to amaze me. A big thank you to Carol, Janette and Anesha who have awarded me this honour.

I haven't forgotten my SBS sisters - just so busy at the moment I've not been doing much blogging.

Also I musn't forget that its Thursday today and that means This Thursday challenge.

Don't laugh when you see my projects - we had such fabulous items from Jill at The Stamp Man - we had Egyptian rubber stamps - Buddha charms, fabulous inks, gorgeous papers - gold foil, grungeboard - loads of fab stuff to play with. Tracey had challenged us all with her title for this week - Courtesy of William Morris - don't have anything you don't believe to be beautiful or useful - well my pieces were neither beautiful nor useful. LOL!

Actually the little Sarcophogus is useful cause my DS absolutely adores anything Egyptian and this is going on his shelf as a book end - its quite a heavy piece - its all that gold on there you know! I'm not so sure the picture does it justice and it looked a lot better in my head! LOL!

The second piece I did was the Buddha Wall Hanging - I wouldn't call myself a buddhist by any stretch of the imagination but as I've been going along on my path in life which has taken me away from conventional religions I've come across some of the things the Buddhists say and I love listening to the guy on with Terry Wogan in the morning - he always seems to say such sensible things. Well, I Googled Buddha for this piece and found the Buddhist teaching that says don't live in the past, don't look to the future, live for today - and that is such an important lesson for me to learn that I wanted to have it in front of me so I did it as a wall hanging, mounted onto mountboard, to hang in my craft room.

The papers used on this card were supplied by Jill and show off the fabulous Moonglow Inks. The stamp was also supplied by Jill.

Another great prize on offer this week then over at This Thursday - are you up to the challenge?


Loopy said...

I love them, the egyptian ones are also a firm fave with my daughter.

Brandy said...

I love your Egyptian things. Your DS and I share something in common, I also love anything Egyptian.

Anesha said...

Great projects and good luck with your craft fair.

Tessa said...

You are one BUSY lady!!!!!

Carol said...

Love all your Egyptian creations wow..

please pop to my blog I've a Wilde womwn award I'd like to pass onto you!!


Barbara Hagerty said...

I love them all, Fiona! I think the idea of making a sarcophogus is fabulous, and the one you made is terrific!