Thursday, 22 May 2008


I've used some of my Stampin Up background papers to make this Happy Home wall hanging. The letters are Basic Gray, other embellies are from Laura Ashley and Molly Daydream charms!


carolann said...

This wall hanging is fantastic I love the colours WTG

SammieJay said...

I love the idea of this wall hanging and it's so homely!

Glad I had you singing along! I'm working on the Lea and Michael duet with my son at the moment. He's only 12 and says he wishes I had half his talent ;-)

I'm polishing "I Dreamed a Dream" & "On my Own" for a concert in November, but they get their first public outing tomorrow! Makes a welcome change from singing "Hattie". Pity she didn't get to wear a costume like Violetta's -you look fab! Pete says I'm the only alto he knows with a top "E". I still can't get that magical "F" tho' -if I could that may finally convince me to sing soprano!!!

If you still have my e-mail address can you send me your home address, please?

Love Sammie

Stampmouse said...

cool idea great colors

Sian said...

Stunning wall hanging, love it! The colours are gorgeous ;)

CraftyC said...

Your wallhanger is beautiful !

Cazzy said...

Lovely Fiona, have you hung it on your wall?