Tuesday, 29 April 2008


The challenge over at TMTA says the following:

"In mythology, the night from April 30 to May 1 is Walpurgisnacht or Beltane. Walpurgisnacht is a Germanic tradition, whereas Beltrane is a Celtic tradition. Anyway, it’s the night of the witches and I thought to myself, why don’t we let the witches dance and celebrate ."

This is not only in Mythology - Witches and Wiccans all over the world will be celebrating the feast of Beltane on 1st May - the original May Day - and now the only remnants of this feast are the May Pole and the Dances around it. Beltane is a Festival to mark the return of summer with the lighting of fires. Can I just say that not all witches wear black hats, ride on broomsticks and have warts on their noses. LOL!

My ATC depicts a poem about Beltane in honour of the Goddess and also a recipe for Beltane Incense - As its probably far too small for you to read I'll copy it out here

Bring me my drum
and bring me my cymbal
bring forth the sistrum
bring forth the timbal
Dance now for Hathor
Celebrate Beauty
Dance in her Honour
Sing for our Lady


3 parts lilac flowers
2 parts frankincense
2 parts patchouli
2 pinches ginger root
2 drops lilac oil (optional)

Grind together - mixing well. Either burn on a Beltane bonfire or in your incense holder. (Never leave a lit candle unattended - I can vouch for that one having had a house fire at Christmas!)


Sian said...

Wow, love it Fiona, great image and fabby poem.

Stempelchaotin said...

Oh wow fantastic ATC. so great.

carolann said...

Love this Fi its fab and thepoem is lovely

Rosie said...

Fabby, fantastic, brilliant - absolutely LOVE this Fi!! Oh golly, I wonder why???? Off to check my warts!!! ;-]