Tuesday, 26 February 2008


I've done a couple of Mother's Day cards today - they are for the grandmothers. Granny cards are difficult to get in England - I didn't realise it was more of a Welsh word, so I always make Granny cards.
This one has used the baby wipe technique on the flower pots and the flower stamp. Here are the instructions if you're not familiar with this technique:
Get yourself a baby wipe and lay it on a paper plate or some other protection.
Add some liquid inks (I used re-inkers from my SU inks) - Start with the darkest ink first and fill in the gaps with lighter inks until you get the colouring you like.
The colours come out a lot paler than they show on the wipe!
Then add your stamp - a large solid stamp would be good - I only had the small plant pot but it has worked on the other stamp too.
Its a good idea to check your colouring on a scrap piece of paper first before
putting on to your cardstock.
Finish your card as you wish.
If you try this technique - come and post your entries here with a link back to me - I'd love to come and see your creations!


Jane said...

Ooo I will give this a go soon Fi, thanks for the TUT. Love your card too!!

punknscrap said...

Thanks for the great "how to" guide Fiona. Great technique looks great on your card.

Mindy said...

Love that shimmery purple paper! Very nice!