Friday, 8 February 2008


My good cyber friend Theresa in Australia is running a competition on her blog to do with Kangaroos - this is what she says:

G'day there everyone. I have decided to have some fun on my blog. I have decided to run a challenge for you. Here is what I would like you to do.
I would like you to create a poem, card, scrapbook page, altered art of any type, recipe or anything that you chose BUT, your artwork must be about kangaroos. Your entry can be comical or serious or somewhere in between. I don't mind what you come up with as long as it contains the word kangaroo if it is a written entry or a picture of a kangaroo if it is a artwork entry. I adore kangaroos and I can't wait to see what you can come up with. You may only enter this challenge once and the winner will be chosen by me and my husband (he doesn't know it yet) on the 29 of February 2008. The winner will recieve this cute little kangaroo magnetic photo frame shown below. Please upload your work of art to your blog and please leave a comment here with a link to your entry. I hope you all enjoy this challenge. Hugs. Theresa

Here's my entry - its a poem - I'm not renowned for my poetry and you'll see why when you read it! LOL! I think poem is too strong a word really.

I can remember as a child,
the way you sometimes do,
that one of my favourites tv programmes
was Skippy the bush Kangaroo

I loved the way he used to chatter
to let the humans know
that someone was in danger
and Skippy knew where to go

He wasn't a dog and couldn't bark
nor could he wag his tail
but never fear, Skippy was here
and he would never fail

Every danger was always the same
you could always tell
that Skippy was trying to tell the humans



Emma said...

lol, that was good Fi. x

Jo said...

hahaha! thats brilliant Fi *Hi5*

theresa said...

Hi Fiona
Your poem is fantastic. I really got a laugh out if it. Great work and thanks for entering my challnenge

Stampmouse said...

good job with the poem

Tami in OH said...

too funny --- I love the canvases too - very pretty colors!