Wednesday, 12 December 2007


I've really missed being able to come on here and update my blog - and having not been able to craft for over a week now - well, its like I've lost a limb. I still have my laptop, just as it conked out on me yesterday(!), but i have no way of showing any craft items, I have no camera, no scanner - and no craft items anyway for the time being.

But I've been missing all my chats with my cyber friends! I noticed on Donna's blog that she had a great competition running - post your New Year's Resolutions and she's inspired me to get blogging again. I've not felt like doing anything and haven't had the time either really.

So - what can I think of for My New Year's Resolutions: hmmm:

1. Stop PROCRASTINATING - I seem to be a great one for always putting things off and not doing them

2. Organise my craft room at least once a day after I've finished crafting so I come back to a nice tidy desk - ok - how long do you think that will last????LOL!!!!!

3. Like Donna - I want to aim to make at least two cards per week.

4. I also want to scrap at least one page per week - I have loads of pages in my head and they need to get down on paper. Having a scarey moment like last week with the fire reminds you you don't know how long you've got so stop putting things off (see no 1 above LOL!!!)

5. Go to Pilates or Yoga to help my back which is always a constant source of pain.

6. Study the Runes - these are something I bought myself this year and haven't had time to actually use them or study them yet so that's my project for this year.

7. Try and keep myself and the house free from clutter - I've decided I'm a great hoarder and it isn't good - got a good friend Jan who has offered to Feng Shui my house so that sounds like de-cluttering to me - hope to get that done in the New Year once my house has been sorted.

8 - Get to grips with my Stamping Up business and try and spread the word and meet some crafty people closer to home that I can share this passion with.

I can't think of any more that I'm likely to keep (LOL) - I'll keep referring back and make sure I'm keeping up with them.


Crafty Krafts said...

aww fi there super , didn't relise you had no camera or anything did that all go up in the fire aswell then?

Alana said...

I am so sorry to hear that you had a house fire! My heart goes out to you. I added this blog's URL to the SBS listings. I can switch it later, if you want, once you get your SU blog up and running. I hope things turn around for you.

SBS Founder

Joani said...

I'm sorry about the fire, how awful. I'm always afraid of that.

I wanted to pop in and say hello from one sista to another...

Sending well wishes your way.

Stamping Diva `aka` Toni said...

Hello from one Diva to another! Welcome to the sisterhood! I can't wait to see what everyone creates with the start of a new year! I too am a hoarder so I will be trying to make stuff with all my hoarded product this coming year LOL!

Crafty Krafts said...

nudge nudge check my blog