Saturday, 13 October 2007


Never mind Sleepless in Seattle!!!! Sleepless in our bloomin household last night for DH and I - not because of little Mischief who was as good as gold but because of our bloomin dog who wouldn't settle all night and wanted to be where the new kitten was. She's driving us mad - she's not quite trustworthy enough to leave her on her own with the kitten yet, but she just wants to play with it and be with it and she's more stressed than the kitten is.

Older cat (14) Felix just sniffed her and walked off. Younger cat (9) Megan had a real hissy fit and then started hissing at Felix who just looked at her as if to say "What's your problem? I was here first before the lot of you!"

DH kept asking me "And why did you want another cat?" It seemed a good idea at the time! LOL!!!

Got loads of scrapbooking to try and finish today - doing this commission is great fun but its on your mind that you need to get it done and finished!

I'm also still poorly and got a friend coming down today who is a reflexologist and she's going to see what she can do for me. Put me on the scrapheap to be honest, the body seems to be giving way - I'm only 45!

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theresa down under said...

oh Fiona, I am chuckling away here. It sounds like your household is a puurrrrrrrrfect madhouse. I hope you feel better soon mate and I hope you get some sleep soon too