Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Well I'm back from my audition in London and have no idea how it went - she cut me off "mid-Aria"!!!! Everyone knows arias don't get going until the end! LOL! It cost us £300 on the train to get down there and I was all done within 2 minutes! She asked me loads of questions and being a mum may go against me! Still, at least I plucked up the courage and did it! I can relax a bit more now - had a terrible headache/migraine when I got back last night and went to bed early.

That's not the reason though why I can't craft - We've had no heating or hot water since Sunday as our boiler broke down. The room where I usually craft is the coldest in the house - I suppose I could get a few things and move into the kitchen where the aga is trying to keep us all warm. Brrr!!!!!! The gas man is supposed to be here first thing to fix it - don't know what time first thing is but he's not here yet.

Got to go and get a few things ready for Hallowe'en this evening -

HAPPY SAMHAIN to all of us who celebrate this festival. I will be laying out my table for all our loved ones who are no longer with us so they can come and be with us in spirit. As the years go by there seem to be more and more places laid - main places of honour will be my sister and my husband's sister who we miss every year, and my father and father in law. Anyway, enough melancholy from me - off to do some jogging to warm up - NOT!!! LOL!


Rosie said...

Fi - I hope you get your boiler fixed today! Hats off to you for going to the audition in the first place... maybe you could get in touch with Paul Potts and duet with him!

Rosie said...

Oops - forgot to wish you all a Happy Samhain too! BB xxx

Em's Blog said...

ooo hope you get your boiler fixted soon, that must be a nightmare!!

Hazel said...

Brr! I hope you get your boiler fixed soon. Well done for doing the audition, I will keep my fingers crossed (metaphorically!).

fee said...

Fi congrats on doing the audition! xxx