Sunday, 9 September 2007


Do you know I was in Marks and Spencer the other day and they had Christmas Cards in.

Well, as you probably know, I adore Yule/Christmas and I thought, if its good enough for M&S maybe its good enough for me! So I fancied setting up a Christmas swap. The idea is to make your own Christmas tree hanger to hang on a tree and swap with each other. It can be made out of any material you like - plastic, paper, card, dominoe (!) - just as long as you can hang it on a tree.

If you are interested - leave me a comment and your blog so I can get back to you.

TRA LA LA LA LAAA, LA LA LA LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Donna said...

me me me me me hehe - i love christmas, but is it just going to any old bauble we decorate ourselfs? we not got to make it from scratch do we *inserts shifty smiley* - if so im deffo up for it !

Magickdiva said...

No - the idea is to make a bauble from scratch!!!

Julie said...

I wouldn't have a clue where to start :(

Magickdiva said...

Course you would Julie - you've made them before - let's call it a Tree Hanger then!

Donna said...

oh ok..... then i'll have to get me thinking cap on - if its not a bauble then then i guess we can use anything to make them .